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    • What is your username?: Ninja Are you applying for server support or forums moderator?: Server Support When did you start AuroraPS?: 15th of oktober What is your discord tag?: Ninjaa#0187 What other languages do you speak other than English if any?: Dutch, English What is your timezone?: GMT+1 Where country are you from?: The Netherlands How many hours of in game time do you have?( Post a screenshot from quest tab.)  Why would you make a good addition to the staff team?: I feel like I should be accepted to AuroraPS staff team because I have been very helpful since the day that I joined. I have gained enough knowledge to help other people who just joined or have played for awile. In general I am a very positive person since the first day i’ve joined. I live in a timezone where I dont see alot of people helping. I think this makes me a very good asset to the team. How many hours a week will you dedicate to the server if promoted?: I spend most of my time on Aurora during the weeks. In the weekends I have less time to play so you will see me not as active. I would say I play around 30-40 hours a week. This matches my current playtime. If you were to be promoted and you teleport home and saw a level three account advertising another server what would you do?: If this person has 'auto-typing' on I would remove this person from the game. If I can't do this I would mute him for as long as possible. He probably knows what he's doing and since his account has nothing to lose I don't see why we give these players a second chance. If you were to be promoted and two players are arguing about pking in the help chat, what would you do?:  I'll would say that they should take it to the PM's. When it doesnt stop I would give them a 'attempt to kick a user' once. Second time they will be removed. If you were to be promoted and you get private message by a player saying "I was scammed by someone" what would you do?: I would deal with these situations very seriously and when I can't solve the issue myself I would ask a Mod+ for assistance.   Thanks for reading! Cheers, Ninja.
    • Thanks for these amazing new changes!
    • Aurora Game Patch #2 10/29/2018 [Live Game] It is that time of the week again for another patch to the live server and patch notes to be written up! The team has been making great progress in adjusting and fixing the current content that is available and we hope things feel much smoother than they ever have before. In celebration of the spookiest month throughout the year there has been an added Halloween pet to be obtained. A new feature has been implemented that will automatically disconnect players whenever a freeze, crash, or prolong inactivity occurs. We felt that training hunter was a little too slow to start off with so it has been slightly increased to make things flow better. There has been a lot of changes that are taking place to the current raids system and raids 2 equipment has been added.  Raids has been adjusted and changed to just being the fight with Olm, no longer is there the nasty headache of additional mobs. Olm himself has received minor adjustments to his damage, accuracy, and defense stats. No more free rides! Whenever you die within Raids you are charged a fee of 50,000 coins, taken from your bank, to respawn. Fight Caves has been changed from the current system of three different wave styles to just a single Jad wave. Tzkal-Zuk (Inferno Boss) has received a little love with some balancing changes. General stability patches and improvements have been made to help with the crashing issues that have been occurring.
    • Nice work @Twinky !  Hopefully more players will join our community very soon. These updates certainly contribute to this. Keep up the great work! 🙂